Garlic Bread

Let’s talk about butter. It is a quality ingredient. And until today I never really thought you could put too such butter on a piece of bread. Guess what… turns out you can. I made garlic bread today. It was insanely good, and then I made a garlic butter spread to put on it. I’m really good at making bread, because I do it all the time. And I kind of assumed that the bread was the most important part of garlic bread. Jump to the punchline… BUTTER. I guess if you flood a loaf of bread with it, it’s fair for people to complain that you used “too much butter”. I put it in quotations because I’m still not totally convinced that it’s a thing. They also complained that there was too much garlic, so like, that’s the kind of people I was working with. But the bread was great! Just a classic white loaf.

The dough after proofing and just before going in the oven. The towel was used to keep the dough’s shape while it rose.

The butter and garlic, before and after mixing.

The bread just before and after the oven! 450ºF for 30 minutes.

The wonderfully hole-y bread! Sliced and ready to be filled with the garlic butter mix.

The hot bread after being spread with the garlic butter. The heat of the bread melted the butter. I covered it with tin foil after finishing to hold in the heat and help it along!


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