Green Tea Rolls

I really like green tea, because it makes me feel healthy. Sometimes, I’ll get ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s, and then I’ll be like, “my belly is so full of sugar and butter… better have some green tea to cancel that out”. I don’t actually know what antioxidants are, but I’ve convinced myself that they’re tiny magic beans that swallow fat and poop out vitamins. And apparently green tea has lots of those, so I’m pretty sure I’m all set.

I recently discovered this type of green tea called matcha. It’s a green tea powder. One of my friends tried to fight my by telling me that if it’s a powder then it’s not real tea, but my good friend the internet would disagree. The powder is actually made up of the ground leaves and stems of the tea. That’s why it’s so colorful, and why it contains so many antioxidants! It’s basically like drinking the tea bag.

I thought this was fascinating, so I bought a little thing of it on Amazon. I was so excited when I got home from class yesterday, expecting it to be on my doorstep. But it wasn’t there. I went inside and there was a package on the floor in front of my room with a note attached, which read “I accidentally opened this because I thought it was for me. Sorry!” Come on. There are 9 people living in this house. You can’t just assume everything is for you. But whatever.

I opened the package, tore open the top of the pack of matcha, and took a big sniff. It was like a thousand bags of green tea got together and punched my in the smeller. I immediately did that thing that dogs do when they get water in their nose, where they crinkle it up and exhale a bunch. It wasn’t particularly pleasant. But I convinced myself it would be better in bread. And it was! The bread was SOOOOO GOOD. And so green! They looked really festive. Instead of plain water I just made some really strong tea and used that instead, so that the matcha would be properly mixed in.


First of all, here’s the matcha I used. I added 20 grams (~1/3 cup) to the 1 cup of water that the recipe called for. It ended up being a little too much (unless you REALLY like your tea strong). I will probably use 10-15grams next time so that’s it’s not quite as intense. But other than the intensity, the flavor was great.

The made tea (1 cup water + 1/3 cup matcha), then adding 1/2 cup butter + 2.5 tsp yeast, then adding 1/4 cup sugar + 2 eggs + 4 cups flour.

The dough after stirring it together until just combined. Then I let that rest for 10 minutes, then stirred continuously (with my fist) for 10 minutes. The end product is on the right.


After forming the fully kneaded dough into a ball by tucking it under itself until the top was smooth.

After letting it proof for 1.5 hours. It was extremely fluffy and airy, definitely more than normal. That might also be because I just got new yeast though. Look at that finger dent! Very little bounce back. Beautiful.

After separating the fully proofed dough into 15 balls. Yes they were ACTUALLY that green. Then after baking them at 375ºF for 15 minutes.


This looks like a false colored image, but it’s not! This is the actual color that the rolls were! I say were because they are already all gone. They were warm and a little tangy, like over-steeped tea. But in a super good way!


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  1. The green tea rolls look so delicious. Nice and light. They look like the color of Shrek, by the way.


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