Rosemary Buiscuits

Today, unlike most days, someone actually specifically asked me if I would make bread for a dinner I was going to. So I obviously said “SURE!” just about as enthusiastically as it seems like I would. And then, naturally, the day came to made the bread and I realized that I was out of yeast. This is my life. Of course that would happen. I then freaked out and googled “yeastless bread” because my confused brain decided that that was a reasonable thing for the internet to know. Turns out that’s actually just called biscuits. So I was like, “okay self, let’s do this” and I read the recipe and started putting the butter and the flour together… and promptly realized I didn’t have enough butter. Come on world. So I improvised and used olive oil, because that’s kinda similar, right?

I got to the part where you have to roll out the dough and cut it into circles, and I thought I was doing pretty good so far, despite the entire world being against me. Apparently this is an important step (cutting the circles, not being hated by the world), because if you use a cup that slants inward (like most cups) to make the circles, then it pushes in the rim of the biscuit and seals it off so that it doesn’t rise and get all layery like all biscuits should. So I went into my room, looked for something round, and promptly decided on the top to my can of hairspray. Don’t worry, I didn’t poison anyone, I washed it first. I also covered it in plastic wrap, just in case some hair spray soaked into the lid over time and leached out while I was cutting the biscuits. I don’t want to be that person that gives everyone food poisoning.

They were actually pretty good!

The flour with butter and oil (3:1), before and after cutting it together with two knives.

The dough just after boing rolled out and cut, and just after coming out of the oven.


The end product! It’s not whole because I ate some…




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  1. Oh my gosh- just saw this one. God, you are so funny, H. And I guess I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life- I always just used a glass, so that accounts for my biscuits never being light and layery. Who knew I should have been using a hair spray cover…….


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