Chocolate Sourdough Baguettes

I’m new to the world of dessert breads. I haven’t really done it before, unless you count putting chocolate syrup on toast. It’s actually delicious, so whatever. But today I decided I was going to make the baguettes I have come to love, with added chocolate. I was supposed to bring a dessert to an event and I really only make bread. I probably could have just made cookies, but I honestly didn’t even remember that non-bread things existed until right now.

I added cocoa power to the dough, and I probably should have added sugar too, because it would have brought out the flavor of the chocolate, but I forgot to do that. Luckily I added white chocolate chips, so they added some sweetness.

Anyway, all in all is was super delicious. It was dense and had a thick, but soft crust. It was kind of like a bread version of a pound cake. The only bad thing was that some of the white chocolate chips goozed out onto my baking sheet and solidified themselves there in char. So that’s gonna be fun to wash.

Mixing the dough and letting it rest.

The dough before and after proofing in the refrigerator overnight.


My hand in the flour at my workplace. ~So artsy~

The loaves just before going in the oven (waiting for it to preheat). Before and after being scored.

The loaves after baking at 460ºF for 40 minutes. Look at those flour lines!


The white chocolate chips poking through the score marks. Take note of how much it expanded during baking (how pulled apart the score marks are).


The inside of the baguette! With white chocolate chips and air pockets scattered throughout the loaf. It was delicious! I made 6 loaves and my friends ate them ALL!



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