Sourdough Baguettes

I made an excellent choice today. I was walking down the street today and scrolling through pinterest when I saw a baguette. And I real-life exclaimed “baguette!” in a very excited tone while strolling down the sidewalk. Then I had to look around to see if there was anyone near me that I would have to have a real strange talk with, but luckily there was nobody. And it was in that moment that I decided to make baguettes!

I was real excited about it for two reasons. The first is that they require the use of levain, which I’ve been feeding every day and hoping to have a use for. The second is that baguettes are the optimal soup-dipping bread. You know how they give you baguettes to dip in your cheddar broccoli soup at Panera? Yeah. It’s scientifically proven to be perfection. If anyone knows perfection, it’s gonna be Panera. And I don’t think you can really argue with that flawless logic. That frontega chicken panini though. Oh man.

I didn’t have massively high hoped for the recipe, because it was totally new to me and it used a slightly different process than a regular sourdough loaf. But it actually came out looking really good, and tasting amazing. I dusted the baguettes with flour before scoring them, which also contributed to their pro-level appearance. I don’t claim to be a pro by any means, but hey, at least I can make them look fancy


Feeding the levain (as I do every morning) with equal parts yesterday’s levain, and whole wheat flour, and four times as much white flour and water.

The baguette dough just after being mixed together, after proofing overnight, and after folding a few times.

The dough turned out onto a floured surface and separated into four parts. It was extremely soft and light.

The baguettes resting after being formed into logs, with a towel “hill” supporting each one’s shape. Before and after scoring.

After letting the oven preheat to 500ºF, the bread just before going into the oven, and just after coming out (after 30 minutes).


One of the baguettes, which has big bubbles and thick, chewy crust. No pictures of the inside, because I brought them to my friends and they devoured them.
IMG_8887The second batch! Because the first one disappeared so quickly!

Where I got the recipe:

Sourdough Baguette Recipe



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