Classic Sourdough Success

I finally did something right. Turns out that if you don’t mess up the instructions on a recipe, it actually comes out the way it’s supposed to. So weird, right? Literally nothing went wrong. I don’t know how it happened, and I don’t know if I could replicate it. Somehow the oven didn’t break and the dough didn’t fall on the floor, and the world was finally on my side.

And look! Look at the thing I made!

The levain (left) was mixed around 10am, then was used in the main dough around 5pm after it has reached 100% hydration. The dough was firm and smelled like happiness.


It then was left out to proof for 7 hours at room temperature.

The dough went into a bread pan and was places in the refrigerator overnight, so that it could develop it’s flavors!

WHAT??? It cooked perfectly! And the crust was thick and hard, and it was a sweet sweet miracle. The cuts really opened up too, and made a cool design on the top that looked very fancy.


Another picture because I think y’all will need some extra time to take this all in.

Look at those big bubbles! And that thick crust! And it smelled amazing. Just like sourdough! Which I know shouldn’t be a surprise, but hey, it’s the little victories that give us the most happiness, right?


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