Levain Take 2

I’ve spent the past week trying to make levain, the started for sourdough. As some of you may remember, the last time I tried to make levain I messed up in like 12 different ways and ended up making a brick of charcoal instead. So this time I pretended I didn’t care. When I was mixing the flour and water, throwing away the top part, mixing again, waiting forever, and mixing some more, I would usually stand over the bowl with big wide eyes and read the recipe book out loud with enthusiasm so I was sure to follow it right. But instead, when I was making it this time, I tried to be all “eh, whatever, I don’t even care”. I don’t want the yeast to feel too much pressure, and I’m really hoping they can’t smell my fear.

The first loaf of sourdough will be done TOMORROW!

The levain in all stages! From day 1 to day 5, being build with water and whole wheat flour every day.


The autolyse (water and flour) on the top left and bottom, and the ready levain on the top right.

The autolyse, the autolyse with the salt, yeast, and levain before mixing, and the full sourdough after mixing!


The sourdough ready to go into the refrigerator to proof overnight (it’s so beautiful).


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