The Many Lives Of A Loaf

Some of you (ahem, mom) may have noticed that I didn’t say anything about the taste of the sourdough after I spent so long complaining about it and finally being successful. Well, the reason for that was because I didn’t want to eat it because I didn’t want it to be bad. But two days ago I got up the courage and I cut a thin piece of the beautiful, thick loaf off the end. I made a grilled cheese, which I had literally been craving for weeks.

Side story: grilled cheeses are the best. I don’t care if it’s wonder bread and american cheese or fancy sourdough and shredded cheddar. That stuff’s amazing. Sure some people may say that american cheese isn’t “real cheese”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! You just have to stop thinking about it as cheese. Think about it as some alternative ingredient that adds happiness to your meal. You don’t gotta hate on something just because it’s of questionable origins.

And while I’m here, I’m just gonna make a statement about the most delicious quasi-cheese product ever: velveeta. Velveeta is delicious. If you don’t like velveeta, then I don’t even know how your tastebuds work. It’s just butter and salt and preservatives. All of which are terrible for you– but also DELICIOUS! Don’t lie to yourself and say you don’t like it. You’re allowed to not want to eat it because it’s unhealthy. And you’re allowed to think that some days it’s worth it. We all know it’s amazing.

Okay, back to bread. I made a fantastic grilled cheese with tomato sauce to dip it in. The bread was only slightly sour, but it was still a good firm sandwich bread. I’m under exaggerating. I made the grilled cheese, took it out of the pan, took a picture, bit into it, and literally squatted on the floor of my kitchen scarfing it down because it was so good. I couldn’t even make it to the table. It was just like sourdough from a store, but I could feel good about eating it because I’d thoroughly earned it! IT WAS SO GOOD. THESE PICTURES DON’T DO IT JUSTICE.

Here are some of the ways I used the sourdough (warning: prepare to get hungry):


The bread (*drool*).

Making a grilled cheese using the sourdough and sharp shredded cheddar.

The grilled cheese with tomato sauce for dipping!

A tuna melt that was crazy good.

Tuna melt with spinach (and vinegar drizzle).


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  1. I love your pix of the grilled cheese combos. And you were right, I am now craving grilled cheese. Spinach one with vinegar drizzle- very interesting. Was it good?


  2. Anonymous says:



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