Sourdough Take 2

Yesterday, after I cleaned up all of my tears and threw away my charcoal brick I made in my oven, I started another loaf of sourdough. I used what was left of the levain, which was not as much as I was supposed to use, but it was good enough. And it worked. And it didn’t turn into a little shriveled burnt thing like it did yesterday. There’s not too much to say. Just look at it. It’s so beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.

The flour and water mixture ready for the other ingredients, and the levain ready to be added to the mixture.

The dough before all of the ingredients were mixed in, after the ingredients were mixed in, and after it sat overnight.

The dough after resting overnight, having just been put in the bread pan, and after being refrigerated in the bread pan for 8 hours.


After baking at 475 degrees for 35 minutes!

The top and bottom of the loaf. Note a clear lack of charcoal.


The final product.


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  1. I hope it tasted wonderful. You didn’t mention that part….was it worth it??


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