The Day of Sourdough

Today is a big day! The day that the levain finishes fermenting, and I can FINALLY make SOURDOUGH!!! Yes please! It’s also Saturday, so it’s doubly great. Except that I have to go to class tonight at 8pm. Who does that? To be fair though, it’s an observational astronomy class, so I guess it kinda has to be at night. I’ll get over it.

I had to wake up at 8am so I could so go to the store and get more flour. It was not okay. But I needed whole wheat flour so I could finish the levain, because it has been five days in the making and I couldn’t give up on it on the last day. So, I finished it! And I mixed the actual sourdough. And it was glorious. I’m gonna bake it tomorrow, and it will be the best day ever. It’s also Easter. But MORE importantly, tomorrow is my half birthday. Woop woop. Happy almost half birthday/Easter to me.

I also finished the pizza dough today, and it was amazing.


The levain this morning, and the levain after I threw away all but 150 grams.

Adding whole wheat flour, white flour, and water to the levain, and mixing it. One the right is the levain after two hours of sitting.


Mixing the flour and water for the sourdough.


The sourdough with the levain on top, just before mixing it all together.

After mixing the sourdough together, and after folding it for 10 minutes.


Pizza dough after rising all night.

Pizza dough split into 5 loaves, and formed into circles.


After rising in the fridge for 6 hours and being wrapped in plastic wrap.


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