Levain: A Sad Story

I woke up this morning, ran to my bowl of levain (sourdough mix), pulled off the towel I’d used to cover it, and took a big ol’ whiff. Then I promptly almost vomited, because it smelled exactly like what a moldy piece of soggy cardboard might smell like. And then I looked at it. This is what I saw:


This! This *gags* crusty brown thing was in my bowl! Then I read the next directions, which instructed my to reach my hand into this mess (ew please no), take out 75%, and throw it in the garbage! The garbage! Even though it didn’t look appetizing I was still sad to throw away so much of it. Seemed kinda like a waste if you ask me, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it. Maybe the reason was to get all the crusty stuff off, because that’s what happened, and the underneath part that remained actually looked awesome!

Then I added another 500 grams each of flour and water on top of my little dough ball, and mixed it by hand until it was another sand-like mound.

I let this rise uncovered for two hours and it looked like this:


Then I covered it, to be checked again tomorrow morning! I will be more cautious tomorrow when smelling the dough. Lesson learned on that one. Was very unpleasant. But somehow I’m still SUPER excited to see what it looks like tomorrow. Mostly because I checked on it at 9pm and it was getting poofy (FINALLY!). Look at that separation!



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