Levain Day 1

Yesterday I went shopping, because I needed flour. I also needed actual food, like eggs, and lettuce, but I was most excited about the flour. I stood in the flour isle and looked inquisitively at all of the bags like I knew something that everyone else didn’t. In reality I was just thinking about how much BREAD someone could make with all that flour! So much! And also I was thinking about why so many of the bags were covered in flour dust. Like, is it so hard to keep that stuff contained in the factory? Do the people who work there have to wear masks so they don’t accidentally make bread inside their lungs?

I also realized I should learn how to make tortillas, because I love quesadillas. I mean, they’re basically just warm bread and cheese, the two best things in the universe, so what’s not to like? But I bet they’d be really good fresh. That’ll happen soon.

I got two bags of flour, whole wheat and white. I normally only get one, because I take the bus and I don’t want my little arms to break off, but this time my friend drove me so I loaded up. The whole wheat is for the levain! WOO! So exciting!!!! Levain is the special pre-ferment that you add to bread to make it into a sourdough, and I could literally not be any more excited about it. I got home, mixed 500 grams of flour and water, and sat looking at it longingly until I heard my roommate walking around and I moved because I didn’t want her to think I was a weirdo. I left in uncovered for two hours, then covered it and let it do its thing. I’m not usually a morning person… but can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to see it! Oh and did I mention this will take 5 days to mature? Because that’s a thing. Four days from now is gonna be the best day ever!

The 500 grams each of flour and water, before and after combining.


After two hours of fermenting uncovered.


At the end of the day. Bad lighting due to it being night time.


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