40% Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat makes me sad. It’s super hard to work with, and it tastes like a tree. Like munching on some soft bark. Nobody wants that. Nobody eats whole wheat bread because they think it’s “delicious”. See? I put it in quotes because I couldn’t even bring myself to think it. People eat whole wheat bread because it’s healthy. I can understand that reason. I can understand choosing health over taste. I’ve eaten salads.

So, I made 40% whole wheat bread. It was a disaster in many ways. Actually, mostly just the one way: it didn’t rise in the oven. It sank. Sank right into a flat, dense little bread brick. Three flat little bread bricks, because I accidentally made too much.

I’m not gonna post the recipe because it’s not worth it. Whatever I did, don’t do it. When I figure out how to make it without it being awful, I’ll let you know.

Dough after mixing, just before fermenting, and after fermenting overnight.

Dough before and after cooking.

Other half of the dough (fermented in the refrigerator instead of on the counter top) before and after cooking.


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