Whole Wheat

I read the intro to chapter three in my bread cookbook today. It’s titled “Levain” and I though that it was really weird that it was right next to the chapters “Basic Bread” and “Pizza”, which are words that are actually real. When I started reading, I realized that it’s basically the noun version of leaven. It blew my mind! It’s essentially a type of bread that uses as an ingredient a pre-fermented batter that is grown over many days. It’s actually just sourdough. SOURDOUGH! I’m so excited! I love sourdough! Originally I was just like, “I guess I’ll read this section because it’s in the book so I might as well,” but once I realized it was actually just sourdough, the most delicious thing on the planet, I rejoiced thoroughly.

I decided I was going to make the levain. But after I went to three different stores trying to find the whole wheat flour it called for, i realized that it would take 5 days just to grow the pre-ferment to the right size for it to taste good. So I can’t do it until I get back to school. I don’t want it to go to waste! Both me and my gas money were deeply bothered by this. So, in order to make it all worth it, I had to make something with whole wheat flour. So I’m making 40% whole wheat bread!

Not gonna lie, I expected it to be a lot more exciting than it actually was. It’s just kinda sitting in my kitchen right now, fermenting. Just a blob.


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