Sesame Bread

So I kinda cheated. On the bread. I saved half the dough from yesterday (without the filling) and let it rise overnight. I only did it because I accidentally made twice as much as I expected to…. and also I wanted to see what would happen. I don’t even feel bad about it. I got up at 8 and folded it a bunch of times. It was looking crazy bubbly, but it settled down quickly. Then I let it sit for another 8 hours in the bread pan while I was in class. I probably let it over-rise, it smelled kinda like rubbing alcohol. Don’t worry, it’s probably fine.

It was a good experiment. It make for some eerily light and fluffy bread. It kinda freaked me out, because it LOOKED like bread, but it FELT like air. Today was long, but I go on spring break tomorrow, so get pumped for some fancy breads made with fancy from-my-real-home ingredients in the near future.

(recipe on the previous post, just add 12 hours of rising time)


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