Chocolate is Life

I had a class from 10am-6pm, including a test. It was an unfortunate experience. When I got back home I sat down, watched the season finale of Downton Abbey, and then realized I needed to make bread. I was still too tired to stand though, so I read my bread book. Finally! Turns out I’ve been making bread wrong my whole life. That felt good. Turns out you’re supposed to mix the flour and water together first, not the water and yeast. The flour needs time to absorb the moisture and relax a little before it’s long job of fermenting. My whole life is a lie. Then I got annoyed, went to the kitchen, and realized I had an orange. It made me way happier than it probably should have. As I was letting the water and flour for some overnight white bread (attempt 2) settle, I decided I was going to add the sliced orange and chocolate to the dough, because I just wasn’t feeling plain white tonight. And I was craving oranges and chocolate deep in my soul. So I added them, minus one orange slice, which I ate savagely like a caveperson. It smelled like heaven. Literally, I think some magic happened, because the scent overtook my nostrils and make me think of tropical smoothies and ice cream. I don’t even know. Anyway, after folding it all together I covered it and am now waiting patiently for morning to come.


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  1. Dad says:

    WOW This post was really well written I loved it .DAD


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