It Came

It came and I was in class and I looked on the package tracker and saw it had arrived and almost jumped out of my seat! But I didn’t. I stayed in class (you’re welcome mom) and patiently waited for the drone of equations to come to an end. When I finally got out and arrived home, it was sitting on my front porch. I was actually amazed that is hadn’t been stolen, because that’s a thing that happens. One time I ordered a three foot long ice cream sandwich pillow (because I’m that kind of person) and I thought it got stolen, because it was super late. The thought of someone opening that expecting something worth MORE than the effort of stealing it would have been worth it.

Anyway, I took it inside and opened it and it was love at first sight. Then I started flipping through the pages and freaked out a little bit because I realized I’ve now committed myself to this thing. I’m going to read a cook book and make all the recipes. Who even am I? Does this mean I’m an adult now? I had a life crisis and had to sit down and watch Superstore on Netflix for a good hour before I could even think about it again. I’m gonna do this. I’m doing it because it’s what I want, and because it’s what I love. That’s it. And I shouldn’t be afraid of either of those things. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

And then guess what I did? I started some dough! What I DIDN’T do is read the instructions, which is a terrible idea for someone trying to learn about recipes, but I didn’t have time to read the very lengthy introduction which included all the instructions on how to actually make the bread. The pages after that mostly just say amounts of the four ingredients to add, as well as proofing times. So today can be my control loaf. I mixed the yeast and warm water, waited 20 minutes, then added the flour and salt, mixed until combined, and covered it. The recipe is for overnight white bread, so now I’m gonna wait until morning to see if magic happens.


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